Product Info

If you have never purchased from us before or if you just want to know more about the products we make, then you're in the right place. We will show you sides of the products that you won't see in the product photos. We'll also explain how we size your image in order to make the product you ordered. And we'll give you more detail about the process we use to create the products. 

It can be difficult to visualize the size differences from the product photos, so here is a graphic to make it easier:

   Now that you've seen the final result of a Photo Statuette, let's take a look at how we figure out the sizing. For this example, we'll use the "Road to Hope" 5x7 example.

 As you can see, depending on the orientation of the subject in the photo, the end result can end up being under the 5 x 7 inch dimension. This is simply because the smallest dimension cannot be more than .5" over the sizing threshold.

So for this example, if we size the largest dimension (which is the height) to 7 in., the width becomes 6.19 in. So, we need to make the width 5.5 in. In turn, the height changes to less than 7 in. 


High Gloss, as shown above, is made with a thin 1/8" white back acrylic piece and a thin 1/8" clear acrylic piece adhered to the front. So it will seem as though your picture is sandwiched in between the two pieces of acrylic. 

Our Silhouette statuettes, as shown above, is made similarly to the High Gloss finish. However, this finish will have a 1/8" black backing. It will also have a 1/8" clear acrylic layer adhered to the front. 

Our Matte statuettes, as shown above, are made by printing your picture onto a thick 1/4" piece of white acrylic. 

For our Deep Gloss statuettes, we reverse print onto the back of 1/4" thick clear acrylic. So it will look like your picture is showing through the acrylic. 

Commonly Asked Questions

If I need my photo statuette by a certain date, how much time should I allow for it to reach me?
Generally speaking, you should allow 10-15 business days for your product to be made, plus shipping time. Shipping time will depend on the shipping option you selected at checkout, as well as the USPS delivery schedule, but is generally in 2-3 business days. Ordering at least 2 weeks in advance of when you will need the product in your hands is a safe bet. 

Will my photo work well for one of your products? 
We are always willing to view your photo for quality or size before you place an order, but it is best for a photo to be the size of the product you want to order or larger and be at a resolution of 300 dpi or greater. Keep in mind that the better the quality of digital photo, the better quality of final product.

"What are your shipping rates?
With our newly added automatic shipping, you can easily calculate the shipping cost to where you live. 
Simply add a product to your cart and go to 'View Cart' at the top of your screen. Then, in your cart, scroll to the bottom and look for the 'Estimate Shipping & Tax' button (see image to the left) and press it. A window will open with fields for you to fill in related to your location. Enter the requested information (see image to the right) and click the 'Estimate Shipping & Tax' button again. Presto, the estimated shipping cost for delivery to your location. Another awesome thing about automatic shipping is that shipping cost is figured precisely, so you save money compared to our previous shipping process. And remember, if you spend more than $100, your shipping is FREE. For more information on this question, please see our blog Frequently Asked Questions. 

"Do you edit or touch-up my photo if it has marks or damage on the digital copy?"
We do not provide any kind of photo editing or touch-up service. Any changes you desire will need to be made before you submit your photo with an order.